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The Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Regulations came into force on the 21st October 2022
Employment and Industrial RelationsLegal Updates

New Rules on the Information to be Provided to Employees

The Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Regulations came into force last Friday, the 21st October 2022, implementing the Transparent and Predictable Workings Conditions Directive (2019/1152). The Regulations lay down minimum requirements on the working conditions applicable to every worker in the European Union who has an employment contract or relationship. The Regulations set out a longer list of information to be provided to employees, building on the list which already existed under the Information to Employees Regulations. Specific information is to be provided to employees who are outworkers and employees who are required to work outside of Malta for a…
Mamo TCV Advocates
24th October 2022
Mamo TCV - Court Finds Employer Not Responsible for Employee’s Injury
Employment and Industrial Relations

Court Finds Employer Not Responsible for Employee’s Injury

In the case with number 609/2018 TA decided on the 29th of September 2022, the employee was alleging that he had suffered an injury whilst performing his duties as a gardener. The defendant company employing the plaintiff rejected responsibility for this alleged incident. The court commented that in these cases, whilst the employee is considered as the vulnerable party, a causal link needs to exist between the event giving rise to damages and the act or omission of the employer. Under the Maltese legal system, there is no objective responsibility placed upon the employer. It is the employee who must…
Christine Calleja
7th October 2022
Attending an Online meeting
Employment and Industrial RelationsWebinars

Employment Issues – A Virtual Conference by Society Education

Society Education shall once again be organising the yearly employment law seminar, which shall be held online on the 25th and 28th of October. Dr Christine Calleja and Dr Erika Taliana, from the firm’s employment law department, and Dr Warren Ciantar, from the Data Protection and Privacy Department, shall be participating in this year’s seminar with the following topics: data processing in employment; occupational health and safety and whistleblowing legislation. The seminar will be moderated by Dr Christine Calleja. Registration can be done via Society Education’s website.
Mamo TCV Advocates
19th September 2022
Platform worker
Employment and Industrial Relations

European Commission Proposal on Digital Platform Workers

Platform work entails the use of an online platform, serving as an intermediary between the clients and the workers for the performance of particular services or to carry out particular jobs in return for payment. In this way, division of work into specific jobs is favoured over a long-standing employment relationship. One can distinguish between online labour platforms where the tasks are carried out regardless of the location and can thus be performed remotely, and on-location labour platforms, like the transport of people or food, the latter gaining increasing popularity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The European Commission while recognising the…
balanced stones
Employment and Industrial RelationsNews

Presentation on the New Rights Introduced by the Work-Life Balance Regulations in Collaboration with 21 Malta

  Dr Christine Calleja and Dr Warren Ciantar, in collaboration with 21 Malta, delivered a one hour presentation on the new rights introduced by the Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers Regulations, on Wednesday 20th July 2022. The main rights to be introduced by the Regulations will be paid paternal leave, partly paid parental leave and unpaid carer’s leave. These new rights will come into force on the 2nd August 2022, implementing the Work-Life Balance for parents and carers Directive.  For any questions relating to these new rights please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
MamoTCV Advocates
29th July 2022
balanced stones
Employment and Industrial RelationsLegal Updates

The Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers Regulations, 2022

Legal Notice 201 of 2022 has been published on the 13th July 2022 and will come into force on the 2nd August 2022. These regulations were enacted with the aim of transposing the EU Work-Life Balance Directive which was introduced and became part of EU law in August 2019. The main provisions of this legal notice are the following: 1. Regulation 4 introduces a paid 10-day paternity leave for fathers or equivalent second parents to be utilized at the moment of birth or adoption of their child. Moreover, as laid down in the same regulation, the right to paternity leave…
Mamo TCV Advocates
14th July 2022