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About Mamo TCV

Who we are

We are one of Malta’s top-tier law firms, with significant depth and expertise across a broad range of practice areas. As an integrated corporate and commercial legal practice, we pride ourselves on our service delivery. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients as we provide them with the expert advice and legal insight. With a team of over fifty lawyers and professionals from other disciplines, we are confident of our ability to continuously act as a point of reference for our clients. Over the years we have built strong relationships with our clients and we remain committed to supporting them at all times as they face complex business and legal issues as well as they try to adapt to changing markets and regulatory landscapes.

Integrity above all

We keep our practice honest, consistent and un-compromised and always adhere to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We focus on offering our clients only the best advice that is structurally rooted in both academic research as well as practical experience. We do this unwaveringly, because we are committed to deliver quality work that supports our clients and partners and preserves our reputation.

In our clients’ best interest

Our ultimate objective is to provide our clients with the expert advice and insight that in turn positions them well for success. We seek to practical advice that keeps the ball rolling effectively and efficiently despite the ever-changing landscape our clients operate in. As our clients grow and progress, so do we, consistently raising the bar and the profile for the mutual benefit of all.

As good as our people

We are only as good as our people and our future depends on us continuing to inspire them, expose them, motivate them and see them grow. We work hard together, sharpening each other’s skills and never shying away from offering honest, helpful advice to each other. Together we grow.

We keep our practice honest, consistent and un-compromised and always adhere to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

|  Michael Psaila  Managing Partner

Practice Areas

Today’s global and inter-connected markets present new legal challenges. Complex regulations, the need for securing new capital, new market opportunities and disputes in different territories are all legal challenges that you need support with. At Mamo TCV we are committed to taking your legal challenges on board and giving you solutions that matter. Our seasoned team of business and legal professionals ensure that our solutions are aligned with your business strategy and our international-focus gives us a unique perspective to be your Maltese legal partner of choice.

The collective experience of our lawyers means that we rarely encounter a situation that is entirely new to us and we consider ourselves as experts for every situation.

Corporate Services

The firm’s fully-owned subsidiary, TCV Management and Trust Services Limited (“TCVM”) is licensed by the MFSA to act as a trustee and corporate services provider.

Since its incorporation in 1994, TCVM has assisted local and international clients with company incorporations as well as a number of other ancillary corporate services. TCVM also acts as corporate secretary to a number of privately held companies, collective investment schemes, insurance companies and other regulated entities.

The firm’s fully owned subsidiary, MamoTCV Consultancy Limited, provides a plethora of services which are designed to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients in our bid to help them streamline their operational and administrative work.

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Powered by knowledge

World Services Group was created in 2002 and is a global membership network whose members are among the leading independent firms. Formed upon a unique approach to legal networks, WSG developed the idea that the premier independent law firm needed a more expansive and efficient global approach within the industry. The integration of knowledge, expertise and clients creates better opportunities for providers and clients alike. Additionally, through innovative access and technology, WSG offers members and clients immediate access to prospects, information, and leading experts with a known record of superior, quality service. 

WSG has been built on the expertise and experience of the over 23,000 professionals at its more than 120 member firms. WSG’s global representation includes more than 150 jurisdictions and operations throughout the United States and Canada.

The International Fraud Group began in London in 1997. Established by leading London firm, Mishcon de Reya, it was a specific response to a client’s needs. To recover assets stolen and spirited away into multiple jurisdictions. An alliance of law firms was created for the purpose. With devastating success. This one-off alliance has become a permanent global network.

Our Social Responsibility

As leaders in our field and an important point of reference for the country’s business community, we feel responsible to assist the community and protect the environment in as many ways possible.

The firm supports a number of NGOs in various ways that include charitable contributions, pro bono work and hands-on help at the premises of charitable institutions. We have recently pledged a number of pro bono hours to support refugees from Ukraine seeking asylum in Malta and different members of our team are providing weekly support to a local food bank.

We are also seeking to implement environmental and sustainable best practices in all aspects of our operations and have also undertaken various works and initiatives to reduce water and electricity consumption at our offices. The firm also regularly organises clean-ups and similar events which seek to play a part in the protection and embellishment of the environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

We cannot prosper if we are all the same. Similarly, the requirements, expectations and cultures of our clients are not the same. As a result, cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, is critical to meeting the unique needs of our diverse client base.
To have the best people, we must look at the broadest pool of prospective candidates and across the full spectrum of race, colour, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

We seek to create an environment that encourages input from all perspectives and supports differences. This in turn places us in the best possible position to see the bigger picture and to offer advice that takes all that matters into account.

Of course, there is yet more that needs to be done, but we are proud of the inclusive and diverse working environment we have created and will keep working to build further on what we have already achieved.

Awards & Recognitions