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Our people set us apart through their expertise as well as their unique service delivery manner which helps build strong client relationships.


Our Principles

Integrity above all

We keep our practice honest, consistent and un compromised and always adhere to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

We focus on offering our clients only the best advice that is structurally rooted in both academic research as well as practical experience We do this unwaveringly, because we are committed to deliver quality work that supports our clients and partners and preserves our reputation.

As good as our people

We are only as good as our people and our future depends on us continuing to inspire them, expose them, motivate them and see them grow.

We work hard together, sharpening each other’s skills and never shying away from offering honest, helpful advice to each other

Together we grow.

In our clients' best interest

Our ultimate objective is to provide our clients with the expert advice and insight that in turn positions them well for success.

We seek to practical advice that keeps the ball rolling effectively and efficiently despite the ever changing landscape our clients operate in.

As our clients grow and progress, so do we, consistently raising the bar and the profile for the mutual benefit of all.


If you’re talented, hardworking, and love to be part of a team, then you’ll fit right in.

Banking Lawyer


We are always on the lookout for talented individuals

If none of the above openings match what you’re looking for we would like to hear from you anyway, please complete the form that follows including your CV with a covering letter to let us know what you’re after and we’ll get back to you.

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