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Employment Agencies Regulations Webinar

Are you a recruiter? Do you engage employees to temporarily send them to work at a user undertaking? Do you engage employees to provide contracting services to your clients? As from the 1st April of next year, the Employment Agencies Regulations will come into force, establishing a new regime for these operators, now termed as ‘employment agencies’. The Department of Employment and Industrial Relations will start accepting applications to issue licences as from the 1st January 2024. During this one-hour seminar, we will go through the various licencing requirements, including the requirement of providing a bank guarantee and of engaging…
Mamo TCV Advocates
29th November 2023
Employment and Industrial Relations

The Introduction of the Employment Agencies Regulations of 2023

The Employment Agencies Regulations of 2023, which will come into force as from the 1st April 2024, introduce a new regime for regulating the services provided by employment agencies, which were, until now, largely unregulated. These Regulations target employment agencies that provide recruitment services, temporary work services and/or outsourcing services. Certain activities such as recruitment performed by an employer for employment in its own business, recruitment by marketing agents on behalf of any employer whose identity is clearly specified in an advertisement and outsourcing agencies offering professional, technical and surveying services, are excluded from the scope of these Regulations. The…
Mamo TCV Sponsors Bowling Event for Teen Klabb

Mamo TCV Sponsors Bowling Event for Teen Klabb again

Last week Mamo TCV sponsored a bowling event for a second time.  This year a group of over 50 children attended. Participants are attendees of Teen Klabb, an NGO set up with the aim of bringing together adolescents and young adults through the organisation of activities, held in a safe and secure environment, that integrate faith and learning. Further information about the club, which forms part of Kenosis Foundation, can be found here:
Mamo TCV Advocates
20th November 2023
Banking & FinanceFinTech

Fintech Insights #5 –
Reverse Solicitation in EU’s MiCA

The Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA)1 provides the legal framework for digital asset services within the European Union. This regulation, detailed with its 149 articles and 6 annexes, mandates that entities wishing to provide digital asset services across the EU must secure authorisation in one of the EU Member States. It impacts Malta not only because of the regulation’s direct applicability but also because the jurisdiction is known for its forward-thinking stance in financial technology law due to its early implementation of the Virtual Financial Assets Act, Chapter 590 of the Laws of Malta. In this fintech insight, rather…
Mario Mizzi
14th November 2023
Investment Services & Funds

MFSA update on the Corporate Governance Manual for Directors of Collective Investment Schemes

On the 30th of October 2023, the MFSA issued a circular about the Corporate Governance Manual it issued in relation to directors of Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). This Manual is an updated version from the one issued by the authority on the 22nd August 2022 and is based on a set of core principles which shall act as a foundation for good governance practices which the MFSA have recommended to directors, for them to apply to the best of their abilities, and in proportion to the fund’s nature and size. The Manual outlines numerous best practices for directors to apply,…
Matteo Muscat Filletti
14th November 2023