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Antitrust, Competition and Trade

Have These Drastic Times Called for Drastic Anti-trust Measures?

​This article was written by Dr Annalies Muscat and Dr Laura SpiteriAs a result of the unprecedented circumstances we are currently facing, exceptional measures are being taken in a number of countries, namely due to the challenges various businesses are facing. On the 23 March 2020, the European Commission, the EFTA Surveillance Authority, and the National Competition Authorities issued a joint statement acknowledging that the current situation may require undertakings to cooperate with one another to ultimately benefit consumers. The Office for Competition, Malta's national competition authority, issued a statement confirming the contents of the joint statement on 24 March…
Annalies Muscat
29th May 2020
Antitrust, Competition and Trade

Second Extension to the Temporary Framework has been Adopted

Following the draft proposal to further extend the scope of the State Aid Temporary Framework (the "Framework") that was sent to the Member States on the 9 April 2020 by the European Commission, the second extension to the Framework has now been adopted and was put into effect on the 8 May 2020. The Framework was initially brought into effect on the 19 March 2020 and was previously amended on the 3 April 2020. While furthering the scope of the Framework, this second extension will complement the State aid measures covered by the Framework and existing State aid rules. The…
Laura Spiteri
15th May 2020
Antitrust, Competition and Trade

MCCAA Issues Consultation Regarding Proposed Amendments to Consumer Affairs Act

This article has been written by Dr Annalies Muscat and Dr Laura SpiteriOn 22 April 2020, the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (the "MCCAA") published a consultation regarding a Bill to amend the Consumer Affairs Act (Chapter 378 of the laws of Malta and hereinafter referred to as the "Act") and other Laws, and to make ancillary and consequential provisions thereto (the "Bill") in the light of Regulation 2017/2394 on cooperation between national authorities responsible for the enforcement of consumer protection laws (the "Regulation"). The salient amendments being proposed in the Bill are the following:i. Introduction of a Commitments Procedure…
Annalies Muscat
12th May 2020
Antitrust, Competition and TradeCOVID19 MeasuresLegal Update

Malta’s Employment Aid Scheme Approved

On 24 April 2020, the European Commission approved Malta's €215 million wage subsidies scheme, which aims to prevent unemployment and to support undertakings that operate in sectors that have been greatly affected by the current outbreak.The notified aid comprises a scheme to finance wage costs of employers that would have otherwise had to lay off their employees as a result of COVID-19. Any undertaking, including self-employed individuals, hit hard by the pandemic may benefit under this scheme. Beneficiaries will receive aid that is proportional to their salary, which is capped at €800. The scheme was approved under the State Aid…
MamoTCV Advocates
28th April 2020
Antitrust, Competition and TradeCOVID19 Measures

State Aid Extension Update – Commission Adopts Amended State Aid Temporary Framework

This article was written by Dr Annalies Muscat and Dr Laura SpiteriOn 3 April, 2020, the European Commission adopted an extension to the State Aid Temporary Framework (the "Framework"), which is to form part of the Framework that was initially put into effect on 19 March, 2020. The amended Framework provides for additional types of aid measures intended to help businesses involved in the fight against the current pandemic and to preserve employment. The extended Framework allows for more flexibility with the cumulation of State aid. While the initial Framework did not allow for aid in the form of guarantees…
Annalies Muscat
9th April 2020
Antitrust, Competition and TradeCOVID19 MeasuresLegal Update

Malta’s €350 million State aid scheme approved by the Commission

On 2 April 2020, the European Commission approved Malta's State aid scheme to support the local economy amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The scheme has an estimated budget of €350 million to enable public guarantees on loans to support the Maltese economy as it navigates through the current situation. It will also help businesses cover their liquidity needs.The Maltese government notified the scheme under the EU State aid Temporary Framework that was put into effect on the 19 March 2020. In approving the scheme, the European Commission acknowledged that this measure is necessary, appropriate, and proportionate in line with State aid…
MamoTCV Advocates
6th April 2020