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Capital Markets

Mamo TCV Advocates Attends Ringing of the Bell Ceremonies at the Malta Stock Exchange

Mikiel Calleja, Laura Spiteri, and Martina Bonnici attended the ringing of the bell ceremonies for Agora Estates plc and Camilleri Finance plc at the Malta Stock Exchange. Held on the 2 April 2024, the ringing of the bell ceremony for Agora Estates plc, a first time issuer, marked its successful listing on the Malta Stock Exchange’s Official List. Agora Estates plc issued €12 million 5.8% secured Bonds 2036 on the Official List as part of a €21 million bond issuance programme. The ringing of the bell ceremony for Camilleri Finance plc was held on the 10 April 2024. Camilleri Finance…
Mamo TCV Advocates
29th April 2024
Mamo TCV Advocates: The EU regime regulating Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) has been updated through the publication of the AIFMD II which replaces the first AIFMD originally published more than ten years ago.
Investment Services & Funds

Maltese Implications from the EU’s AIFMD II Directive

The regulatory landscape for investment fund management within the EU underwent an evolution with the enactment of ‘Directive (EU) 2024/927 on Delegation Arrangements, Liquidity Risk Management, Supervisory Reporting, the Provision of Depositary and Custody Services and Loan Origination by Alternative Investment Funds’, commonly referred to as AIFMD II (or the “Directive”).  The legal regime regulates alternative investment funds (“AIFs”) and their fund managers. AIFMD II replaces the first AIFMD. The publication of the AIFMD II in the EU's Official Journal on the 26th of March 2024 marked the commencement of this new phase in European fund regulation, with the Directive…
Mario Mizzi
23rd April 2024
Mamo TCV Advocates – Safeguarding under the Proposed PSD3
Banking & FinanceFinTech

Payments Insights #1 –
Safeguarding under the Proposed PSD3

Introduction to the Payments Insights Series The European Commission is currently in the process of updating the EU’s legal framework for payment services. These proposals include: A proposed Third Payment Services Directive (the ‘PSD3’) which is a directive on payment services and electronic money services in the EU’s internal market which will repeal the Second Payment Services Directive (the ‘PSD2’) and the Second Electronic Money Directive (the 'EMD2’); and A proposed new Payment Services Regulation (the ‘PSR’). The proposed legal amendments aim to: Strengthen the protection of users and enhance confidence in payments and electronic money services; Improve the competitiveness…
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Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update | Q1 2024

We are pleased to issue our eighth edition of the Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Updates. These updates are intended to keep Maltese regulated entities informed of regulatory changes and developments taking place in the local financial services space. In this issue, we focus on the sector specific and cross-sectoral regulatory updates relating to investment services, CSPs, insurance undertakings and insurance intermediaries. Our eighth Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update can be found here .The Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update does not purport to give legal, regulatory,financial or tax advice. Should you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Psaila,…
Mamo TCV Advocates
18th April 2024