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During the month of June and July 2024, partners and staff at Mamo TCV are taking turns in assisting the Soup Kitchen OFM in Valletta. The first team participating this week were our associates – Veronica Grixti (left) and Tessa Borg Bartolo (right) who were also accompanied by Ian Busuttil from the management team. Our volunteers helped in the preparation and serving of food, and afterwards in the necessary cleaning operations.

On a daily basis the Soup Kitchen provides a hot, nutritious, well-balanced meal to many guests that might otherwise not be able to nourish themselves. The organisation offers other services such as reading, meditation, computer classes or on-site health services. This would all not be possible without a generous team of volunteers led by Fr Marcellino Micallef OFM. Together they make a difference for those who are struggling with lack of sufficient food.

This voluntary work programme is one of several initiatives that form part of Mamo TCV’s commitment towards creating a better society.

More information about the remarkable work carried out by the Soup Kitchen can be found on their website

Mamo TCV Advocates associates – Veronica Grixti (left) and Tessa Borg Bartolo (right) giving a helping hand at the Soup Kitchen