Julian Fenech Adami

Julian Fenech Adami

Julian joined the firm as a trainee in September 2016.

After graduating in 2018 with a Doctor of Laws, Julian began practicing Immigration law as his main area, advising clients on a wide range of immigration matters such as citizenship by birth, naturalization, registration or investment, multiple residency programmes based on tax, retirement and investment, visas, and work-based residency such as the single permit and the nomad residence permit.

In view of the close link between work permits and other aspects of employment law, and his keen interest in yachting, Julian also advises numerous corporate clients and individuals on employment law, shipping and yachting.


  • Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. (2015, University of Malta)
  • Diploma of Legal Procurator (2015, University of Malta)
  • Diploma of Notary Public (2016, University of Malta)
  • Doctor of Laws, LL.D. (2018, University of Malta)

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Court of Appeal Confirms the Enforceability of a Post-termination of Employment Restrictive Clause

In a case decided on the 4th May 2022 (case number 524/14), the Court of Appeal held that a restriction contained in an employment contract which prevented an employee from soliciting or interfering or endeavouring to entice a customer away from the company after termination of employment, for a period of two years, could be enforced by the employer. The First Hall of the Civil Court had decided that since the clause was not restricted to customers with whom the employee had dealings with during his employment, then the clause was null. The Court of Appeal however decided that the…
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Right to compensation on termination of a directorship

In a judgment delivered on the 4th of April 2022 (case number 108/2019), the Civil Court, First Hall, was required to delve into issues of company law, employment law and contract. The focal point of this judgment was the Director's Service Agreement entered into by the plaintiff, a natural person, and the defendant companies by which agreement the plaintiff was entrusted with the management of the defendant companies as director, head of the institution and chief financial officer. The issue that arose related to the interpretation of the contractual clauses which provided for the termination of the contractual relationship. The…
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The importance of disciplinary proceedings prior to dismissal

In a decision delivered on the 23rd of March 2022, case number 3833/CC, the Industrial Tribunal emphasised the importance of disciplinary proceedings in termination of employment cases. The employee had been dismissed on the spot following an argument with one of the company's directors. The Tribunal stated that in cases where the accusations against the employee will lead to the termination of employment, the principle of 'audi alteram parte' should always be respected and that thereby the employee should be given an opportunity to defend his position. There may be cases where an immediate dismissal, without there being any proceedings,…
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Transposition of the EU Whistleblower Directive into the Protection of the Whistleblower Act, Chapter 527 of the Laws of Malta
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