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Recently, Dr. Christine Calleja delivered a lecture on health and safety legislation organised by Business Leaders Academy. Health and safety legislation can be a minefield for employers. The Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act and the Regulations issued under it (around 30 in number) regulate issues varying from compulsory eye-sight checks for workers to the number of sanitary conveniences which need to be present at the workplace. The law imposes a wide range of obligations on the employer to ensure at all times the health and safety not only of workers, but also that of other persons who may be affected by the work being carried out.Apart from requiring employers to abide by general principles of prevention, the law also imposes specific obligations which can be general in nature, such as that of notification of serious accidents, or obligations specific to the nature of the work.

Breaches of health and safety legislation can lead to serious legal consequences for the employer. These can range from compensation being awarded to injured workers in civil proceedings but also criminal consequences in proceedings instituted by the Health and Safety Authority, which potentially could result in hefty fines and imprisonment.

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