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It has been reported by various news outlets that Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has prepared a draft decision which may well lead to the end of EU-US data transfers. This draft decision is a consequence of the concerns which have been raised by USA surveillance laws and practices and comes in the wake of the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield by the Court of Justice of the EU a few years ago.

The draft decision has been shared with other EU data protection supervisory authorities and a period of one month has been allocated for their input before a final decision is reached and presumably made public. Should the other EU supervisory authorities confirm the Irish DPC draft decision, this would have significant consequences given that popular social media platforms and their services may become unavailable in Europe if a Transatlantic Data Transfer Framework is not agreed upon between the EU and the USA.

Data transfers between the EU and the USA are necessary in order to connect people and economies. Regardless of the outcome of this particular decision, it is clear that a long-lasting solution to this problem is urgently required.

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