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Increased labour mobility within the European Union has led the European Commission to propose a European Labour Authority with the main objectives of ensuring easier access to information for individuals and employers and strengthening cooperation between national authorities in cross-border enforcement and inspections. Cooperation and exchange of information will be achieved by establishing national liaison officers from each Member State. The Authority will also have the task to provide mediation between national authorities in cases of disputes between Member States on the application of EU law concerning labour mobility. A legislative proposal was presented in March 2018 and it is expected that the Authority will start operating as from 2019.

The Commission has also proposed a new Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions, replacing the current Written Statement Directive. The new Directive sets out new minimum rights for workers including the right to receive more complete information as from the first day of employment; enforcing a limit on the duration of probation periods; banning exclusivity clauses which prevent workers from seeking additional employment; ensuring workers know in advance the dates and time of work if they work with variable schedules and providing for the right to receive at no cost mandatory training which the employer is required by law or by a collective agreement to provide. The proposal will be discussed and negotiated at Council and Parliament level under the co-decision procedure.

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