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The Maltese Government is providing businesses operating in certain sectors with a wage supplement for their employees. Applications for businesses to apply for the COVID wage supplement are now online. There are two lists of businesses with a corresponding benefit. Those listed in Annex A on the Malta Enterprise website (businesses operating in sectors which suffered drastically due to the pandemic and businesses which had to temporarily suspend their operations on the order of the Superintendent of Public Health) are entitled to up to 5 days’ salary based on €800 per month. This applies also for self-employed workers. Part-time employees are eligible to receive €500 per month. Annex B businesses (other adversely affected sectors) are entitled to one day’s salary per week (€160 per month). In the case of part-timers this is equivalent to €100 per month. Businesses that are not found in either of the lists can still apply for the wage supplement for their employees, however, such request must be clearly justified. The employer cannot make redundant any employees who are being supported through this scheme. Further information regarding this benefit and the online application can be found through the following link to the Malta Enterprise website:

Applications are also online as from today, Monday 30th March 2020, for persons entitled to the medical benefit, i.e. persons who are employed in the private sector and who, after the 27th March 2020, due to COVID-19 and medical reasons, have been ordered not to leave their residence by the Superintendent of Public Health. If the person can work from home or is being paid by the employer during this period, then such person will not be entitled to the medical benefit. Persons entitled to this benefit will receive €166.15 per week if they work full-time and €103.85 per week if they work part-time. Further information, as well as the online application, can be obtained from the Social Security website through the following link: 


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