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Malta is one of the first countries in the world to promulgate a complete crypto-oriented legal regime.  This regime comprises of three Acts of Parliament, collectively catering to the licensing of crypto-currency exchanges and the admission of initial coin offerings (“ICOs”) to the exchange-trade.  The regime also caters for the registration of service providers in the newly formed “innovative technology arrangements” sector.

The newly set up Malta Digital Innovation Authority is charged with the duty of overseeing and augmenting this legal framework with a view to creating an environment that is transparent, fair and secure both for stakeholders in the crypto-currency industry as well as the public in general.  This initiative has already earned Malta a reputation in the tech sector as the so-called “Blockchain Island” and is the latest in a long line of bold and enterprising moves Malta has made toward becoming a major financial centre in the EU.

Predictably, a huge swell of interest followed almost immediately after word reached the industry that a Maltese “blockchain regime” was imminent, with the potential for growth in the sector remaining largely untapped for want of proper regulation.

Mamo TCV’s reputation as one of Malta’s leading practices in the fields of technology and finance is without question.  With the firm taking an active part throughout the entire consultation process which was undertaken by the Maltese Government and the Malta Financial Services Authority in the mentioned project since its inception, an excellent relationship was forged with all the involved entities and authorities, built on a mutual understanding of the policies regulating this sector.  Our blockchain team is comprised of seasoned experts stemming from a variety of legal backgrounds, including finance, technology and corporate law.

Key Contacts

Katya Tua

 Our services in this field include:

  • Regulatory advice and assistance on the setup and authorization of crypto exchanges
  • Regulatory advice and assistance on the setup of ICOs and other blockchain arrangements, including innovative technology arrangements
  • Reviewing of White Papers pre-ICO launch
  • Corporate and tax advice and assistance relevant to the setup of crypto exchanges, ICOs and other distributed ledger technology arrangements
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Contract drafting for acquisition of virtual tokens and drafting of T&Cs and related agreements
  • Drafting of privacy policies and general data protection compliance
  • EU-wide management and consolidation of intellectual property portfolios

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