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Platform worker
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New Legal Notice on Digital Platform Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has played an important role in shaping labour markets by accelerating the growth of digital labour platforms which have in turn brought a number of challenges. These include issues in determining the correct employment status of workers performing platform work leading to inadequate access to basic labour and employment rights, lack of fairness, transparency and accountability in algorithmic management and, difficulties in enforcement and lack of traceability by the authorities. In Malta, these issues were being particularly felt within the sector of the delivery of consumer products. This prompted a national debate on the need to introduce…
Mamo TCV Advocates
24th October 2022
Platform worker
Employment and Industrial Relations

European Commission Proposal on Digital Platform Workers

Platform work entails the use of an online platform, serving as an intermediary between the clients and the workers for the performance of particular services or to carry out particular jobs in return for payment. In this way, division of work into specific jobs is favoured over a long-standing employment relationship. One can distinguish between online labour platforms where the tasks are carried out regardless of the location and can thus be performed remotely, and on-location labour platforms, like the transport of people or food, the latter gaining increasing popularity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The European Commission while recognising the…