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Mamo TCV Advocates delivered a three-hour presentation yesterday, in collaboration with 21 Academy, on frequently asked questions in employment law.
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Mamo TCV Advocates Delivers Training with 21 Academy

Mamo TCV Advocates delivered a three-hour presentation yesterday, in collaboration with 21 Academy, on frequently asked questions in employment law. Dr Warren Ciantar delved into data-protection issues; Dr Julian Fenech Adami examined immigration related matters, whilst Dr Christine Calleja dealt with general employment law and occupational health and safety queries. Next seminar will be delivered on the 24th April 2024 and will deal with recent employment law related cases.
Mamo TCV Advocates
21st March 2024

Employment Agencies Regulations Webinar

Are you a recruiter? Do you engage employees to temporarily send them to work at a user undertaking? Do you engage employees to provide contracting services to your clients? As from the 1st April of next year, the Employment Agencies Regulations will come into force, establishing a new regime for these operators, now termed as ‘employment agencies’. The Department of Employment and Industrial Relations will start accepting applications to issue licences as from the 1st January 2024. During this one-hour seminar, we will go through the various licencing requirements, including the requirement of providing a bank guarantee and of engaging…
Mamo TCV Advocates
29th November 2023
Employment and Industrial Relations

The Introduction of the Employment Agencies Regulations of 2023

The Employment Agencies Regulations of 2023, which will come into force as from the 1st April 2024, introduce a new regime for regulating the services provided by employment agencies, which were, until now, largely unregulated. These Regulations target employment agencies that provide recruitment services, temporary work services and/or outsourcing services. Certain activities such as recruitment performed by an employer for employment in its own business, recruitment by marketing agents on behalf of any employer whose identity is clearly specified in an advertisement and outsourcing agencies offering professional, technical and surveying services, are excluded from the scope of these Regulations. The…
Attending an Online meeting
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Society Education Employment Law Seminar

Society Education shall once again be organising the yearly employment law seminar, which shall be held online on the 24th and 27th of October. Dr Christine Calleja and Dr Martina Bonnici, shall be participating in this year’s seminar with the following topics: occupational health and safety and whistleblowing legislation. The seminar will be moderated by Dr Christine Calleja.
Mamo TCV Advocates
26th September 2023
ESG & CSR: Impact on Employment Webinar

ESG & CSR: Impact on Employment Webinar

The ESG & CSR: Impact on Employment webinar is being held as part the Mamo TCV Sustainable Finance Week being held between 24 October & 28 October 2022. Please click here for the programme of events.Thursday, 27 October 202210:00 – 11:00 am (CET) This webinar will be of interest to individuals involved in employment matters.
Mamo TCV Advocates
14th October 2022