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Amendments to the Aircraft Registration Act

The Aircraft Registration Act, Chapter 503 of the Laws of Malta (the "Act") and the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure, Chapter 12 of the Laws of Malta (the "COCP") have been amended by virtue of Act No. XXXVII of 2021 (the "Amending Act"). The Amending Act brings about changes to various laws pertaining to aircraft registration.Certified DesigneeThe Amending Act introduces rules pertaining to the appointment of a "Certified Designee" (CD) under an irrevocable de-registration and export request authorisation (IDERA). Whilst the Act previously allowed for the appointment of a CD, and in fact, CDs are appointed in practise, the…
Joshua Chircop
10th August 2021
AviationShipping & Yachting

Segregated Cells in Aviation and Shipping Companies

Pursuant to amendments to the Companies Act, the Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies) Regulations (the "Regulations") allow for the incorporation of cell companies that conduct shipping or aviation business. The Regulations also allow for the conversion of an existing company that conducts shipping or aviation business into a cell company. To understand what is meant by shipping or aviation business, please click here.A cell company may create one or more cells within itself for the purposes of segregating and protecting cellular assets. Each cell has distinct assets and liabilities and can therefore be used to carry out separate…
Joshua Chircop
29th April 2021

Cartels: Enforcement, appeals and damages actions 2017

This article was written by Dr. Richard Camilleri and Dr. Annalies Azzopardi.Mamo TCV has authored the Malta chapter in Global Legal Insights's Cartels: Enforcement, appeals and damages actions 2017. Cartels 2017 covers topics such as law and enforcement, investigative powers, cartel enforcement activity, decision-making procedures, leniency, settlement of cases, complaints, sanctions, and cross-border issues in 30 jurisdictions. Naturally, Cartels 2017 is not intended to act as a substitute for obtaining legal advice, which should be sought in relation to the relevant jurisdiction in each case.The chapter about cartel enforcement in Malta can be accessed by clicking here or by downloading…
Richard Camilleri
28th February 2017