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Mamo TCV has once again participated in the Malta Aviation Conference & Expo held at the Hilton, Portomaso between the 5th and 6th October, 2022

Dr Nicholas Valenzia Moderates Finance Panel at MACE

Dr Nicholas Valenzia, head of the Aviation Practice Area at the firm, has moderated a panel focusing on the Finance and Legal aspects of Aviation, featuring Alexandra Asche, Sales Director, from Global Jet Capital and Khader Mattar, CEO, from IC Group. The firm has once again participated in the Malta Aviation Conference & Expo (MACE) held at the Hilton, Portomaso between the 5th and 6th October, 2022. Dr Nicholas Valenzia, Dr Ingrid Fenech and Dr Joshua Chircop , lawyers from within our Aviation Practice Area have been present at MACE over the two days. Please feel free to get in…
Mamo TCV Advocates
6th October 2022
Mamo TCV at Malta Aviation Conference & Expo (MACE)

Mamo TCV attending Malta Aviation Conference & Expo (MACE)

Dr Nicholas Valenzia, head of our aviation practice team, will be moderating a legal and financial panel at MACE, the upcoming Malta Aviation Conference & Expo, to be held at the Hilton, Malta between the 5th and 6th October, 2022. Dr Ingrid Fenech and Dr Joshua Chircop will also be present at the conference. Please feel free to get in touch directly to make an appointment.
Mamo TCV Advocates
4th October 2022

Aircraft Operator’s Bid for a Warrant of Prohibitory Injunction to Limit the Exercise of an IDERA Fails – Court Upholds the Supremacy of an IDERA

The exercise of rights under the Irrevocable De-registration and Export Request Authorisation (IDERA) has been accentuated in a ground-breaking decree delivered earlier this month by the First Hall, Civil Court, presided over by Hon. Justice Robert G. Mangion, when it was called to determine whether a warrant of prohibitory injunction can be issued to prohibit the holder of an IDERA registered in Malta from enforcing the IDERA and therefore from unilaterally requesting and procuring the de-registration of the aircraft from the Maltese Registry.In its decree delivered on 8th November, 2021, in the names of Air X Charter Limited and Air…
Ingrid Fenech
1st December 2021

Amendments to the Aircraft Registration Act

The Aircraft Registration Act, Chapter 503 of the Laws of Malta (the "Act") and the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure, Chapter 12 of the Laws of Malta (the "COCP") have been amended by virtue of Act No. XXXVII of 2021 (the "Amending Act"). The Amending Act brings about changes to various laws pertaining to aircraft registration.Certified DesigneeThe Amending Act introduces rules pertaining to the appointment of a "Certified Designee" (CD) under an irrevocable de-registration and export request authorisation (IDERA). Whilst the Act previously allowed for the appointment of a CD, and in fact, CDs are appointed in practise, the…
Joshua Chircop
10th August 2021
AviationShipping & Yachting

Segregated Cells in Aviation and Shipping Companies

Pursuant to amendments to the Companies Act, the Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies) Regulations (the "Regulations") allow for the incorporation of cell companies that conduct shipping or aviation business. The Regulations also allow for the conversion of an existing company that conducts shipping or aviation business into a cell company. To understand what is meant by shipping or aviation business, please click here.A cell company may create one or more cells within itself for the purposes of segregating and protecting cellular assets. Each cell has distinct assets and liabilities and can therefore be used to carry out separate…
Joshua Chircop
29th April 2021

CJEU Confirms that Trade Union Strikes are not ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ for the Purposes of the Air Passenger Rights Regulation

​On the 23rd March 2021, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) rendered a Grand Chamber decision on a preliminary reference transmitted to it by a Swedish tribunal in a matter concerning air passenger rights (Airhelp Ltd v. Scandinavian Airline System SAS, c-28/20). The decision sets out the legal test according to which a strike by workers of an airline undertaking may be considered to be an 'extraordinary circumstance' for the purposes of the compensation provisions of Regulation (EC) 261/2004 (the Air Passenger Rights Regulation).THE FACTSA passenger, S., had booked an internal flight from Malmö to Stockholm which…
Mark Soler
21st April 2021