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Antitrust, Competition and Trade

Google Shopping: The Saga Continues

Following an antitrust investigation, in 2017 the European Commission had fined Google LLC and Alphabet Inc. a record €2.4 billion for abuse of Google’s dominant position. In brief, it found that Google was self-preferencing, by presenting results from its own Google Shopping first upon a so called “Google search”. On appeal to the General Court, the fine was confirmed in 2021. The General Court only accepted part of Google and Alphabet’s argument, namely that there was no negative anti-competitive effect on the market for general search services. Google and Alphabet further appealed the General Court’s judgment to the Court of…
Annalies Muscat
12th January 2024
Call for evidence on Block Exemption for liner shipping operators
Antitrust, Competition and TradeLegal Updates

Call for Evidence on Block Exemption for Liner Shipping Operators

The European Commission has opened a call for evidence until 3 October 2022 with regards to the “Consortia Block Exemption Regulation”. This block exemption allows liner shipping operators to cooperate in the provision of services. The block exemption will expire on 25 April 2024. The call for evidence is intended to assess how well the block exemption has functioned since it was last extended in 2020. The call for evidence may be accessed here : Disclaimer: This document does not purport to give legal, financial or tax advice. Should you require further information or legal assistance, please do not…
Mamo TCV Advocates
29th September 2022
Last few days of the public consultation on the Motor Vehicles Block Exemption
Legal Updates

Last few days of the Public Consultation on the Motor Vehicles Block Exemption

In July 2022, the European Commission launched a public consultation on its draft proposals for the future of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (‘MVBER’) regime. The proposals include (i) a draft Regulation prolonging the validity of the existing MVBER for five years and (ii) a draft Communication introducing targeted updates to the Supplementary Guidelines. Comments may be submitted by the 30 September 2022. The draft rules follow a review process launched In December 2018 and provide that the MVBER expires on 31 May 2023. This was done with the aim of gathering evidence on the functioning of the rules…
Mamo TCV Advocates
27th September 2022