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Mikiel Calleja, Laura Spiteri, and Martina Bonnici attended the ringing of the bell ceremonies for Agora Estates plc and Camilleri Finance plc at the Malta Stock Exchange.

Held on the 2 April 2024, the ringing of the bell ceremony for Agora Estates plc, a first time issuer, marked its successful listing on the Malta Stock Exchange’s Official List. Agora Estates plc issued €12 million 5.8% secured Bonds 2036 on the Official List as part of a €21 million bond issuance programme.

The ringing of the bell ceremony for Camilleri Finance plc was held on the 10 April 2024. Camilleri Finance plc was previously listed on Prospects MTF and, following a redemption of the bonds issued on Prospects MTF, has now issued €15 million 6.25% unsecured Bonds 2034 on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.

Mamo TCV Advocates acted as legal advisors to both issuers.

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