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Dr. Jonathan Abela Fiorentino, a Senior Associate in the Litigation and ADR team at Mamo TCV Advocates, recently successfully completed the London School of Mediations‘ International Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Course and was certified as Accredited Mediator in civil and commercial matters.

With this certification, Jonathan is now competent to accept instructions as an Accredited Mediator, both domestically and internationally. Mediation is an ADR process whereby the participants themselves are the protagonists in seeking an amicable settlement of their dispute. This is rendered possible through the intervention and guidance of a neutral and impartial mediator who leads the participants through the mediation process with the aim of concluding a settlement agreement. The main benefits of mediation are that it is a completely confidential process, as well as an efficient and cost-effective ADR option. The celerity by which a settlement can be reached gives the participants a level of certainty of mind enabling them to thereafter proceed with their business with no litigation pending and avoiding the uncertainty characterizing the litigation process should the dispute end up before the Courts. Thus, mediation is a process revolving solely around the interests of the participants. This makes mediation a highly valuable option for dispute resolution which can be adopted to a range of fields including general commercial & civil, corporate, insurance, property, employment, intellectual property and other disputes.

In congratulating Jonathan for this achievement, Mamo TCV Litigation and ADR partner and department co-head, Joseph Camilleri highlighted the importance of continuous professional development – something the firm has always promoted internally and kept at the top of its agenda. Dr Camilleri was also delighted to note that through Jonathan’s accreditation, the firm has further expanded its service offering and is now one of only a few firms counting an Accredited Mediator within its Litigation and ADR team.


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