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The month of March 2023 has brought with it a new legislative Act to amend the Financial Markets Act (Chapter 345 of the Laws of Malta) and to provide for other matters ancillary or consequential thereto in the form of Act No. IX of 2023. This Act was passed by the House of Representatives on the 8th of March and assented to by the President on the 14th of March.

Concurrently, a Legal Notice was published on the 14th of March by the name of the Financial Markets Act (Covered Bonds) Regulations, 2023, L.N. 59 of 2023. The scope of this Legal Notice was to transpose certain provisions of Directive (EU) 2019/2162 on the issue of covered bonds and covered bond public supervision.

On the 20th of March, the Central Bank of Malta published a new Directive No. 6 on New Generation Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System (TARGET). More information on this Directive may be found here.

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