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On 1st July 2016, Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (‘eIDAS Regulation’) took effect in Malta. The Regulation was transposed into Maltese law by means of Act XXXV of 2016. All existing Maltese provisions that were inconsistent with the eIDAS Regulation have been amended or repealed.

This article seeks to describe the main features of the eIDAS Regulation (regulating, inter alia, electronic signatures, electronic seals and electronic time stamps), and more importantly, to offer guidance on the various changes and effects of this EU Regulation on Maltese eCommerce Law.


This document does not purport to give legal, financial or tax advice. Should you require further information or legal assistance on any matter relating to e-commerce law as well as any related legal sector please do not hesitate to contact the following: Dr. Antoine Camilleri or Dr. Claude Micallef-Grimaud.

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