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Company LawLegal Update

Malta Business Registry issues advice on adequate electronic mail address

On the 6th July, the Malta Business Registry (MBR) issued a circular advising all companies registered in Malta to provide it with an adequate electronic mail address in terms of the legal requirement emanating from Act LX of 2021 by not later than 30th September, 2022. In addition to it being a legal requirement, providing an electronic mail address ensures the timely service of correspondence to company officers. Moreover, shifting to electronic communication is one of the MBR’s intiatives towards limiting paper-format correspondence as part of local and EU-wide measures related with the European Green Deal. In order to fully…
MamoTCV Advocates
6th July 2022
Telecoms, Media & Technology

Mamo TCV Advocates Contributes to the 2017 Edition of DLA Piper’s ‘Data Protection Laws of The World Handbook’

Ever since the 'Data Protection Laws of The World Handbook' was launched by DLA Piper in 2012, Mamo TCV Advocates has been closely involved therewith by providing, and subsequently updating on an annual basis, the chapter relating to Maltese data protection legislation. The 'Malta' section is currently updated as at 26 January 2017 and is available here.The handbook provides an overview of the key privacy and data protection laws and regulations across nearly 100 different jurisdictions and offers a primer to businesses as they consider this complex and increasingly important area of compliance.The full edition of the world handbook itself…
Employment and Industrial Relations

New Business Hours Regulations in Malta – Express Consent of Employee Required to Work on Sundays

In line with the new Business Hours Regulations (Subsidiary Legislation 441.08), which have come into force as of January 2017 and which allow shops to open on Sundays (subject to the opening times established in the same Regulations), the Wholesale and Retail Trades Wages Council Wage Regulation Order (Subsidiary legislation 452.63) has also been amended.Amongst other changes in the working times and periods of rest, an important introduction in the Wholesale and Retail Trades Wages Council Wage Regulation Order is that contained in regulation 6A which provides that employees covered by the Wage Regulation Order shall only be obliged to work…
Christine Calleja
10th March 2017
Insurance & Reinsurance

Captive Review: Malta Focus

The captive continues to be considered as an important alternative risk transfer tool for an increasing number of companies including SMEs. Despite the fact that the captive insurance market continues to attract more interest, it requires to adapt itself to the new challenges of the 21st century. Increased compliance costs and higher capital requirements seem to be shifting the interest of captive owners from stand-alone captive to cell captives forming part of a Protected Cell Company structure. Malta provides the right regulatory environment and a diverse selection of corporate structures which have propelled this EU member state to become a…
Edmond Zammit Laferla
3rd March 2017

FAQs – Tax

Tax Under Maltese law, the concept of taxation is based on one’s residence and domicile status which determines whether an individual is chargeable to income tax, and certain capital gains, in Malta on a worldwide basis or on a remittance basis. Malta therefore asserts jurisdiction to tax on the basis of territoriality, ordinary residence, domicile and remittance. The Maltese remittance basis of taxation for individuals who are resident in Malta but not domiciled, allows for flexibility on the amount of chargeable income an individual may be subject to in a given calendar year. For more information about our corporate practice please click here.…
MamoTCV Advocates
24th June 2016

FAQS – Citizenship

Citizenship/Residence /Visa Why choose to live in Malta? In 2015, Malta was voted the third best place in the world to live Malta has long been coveted for its strategic location, temperate Mediterranean climate, and more recently the advantages afforded by being the smallest EU (and a Schengen) Member State. Its continued focus on; increasing direct travel links with the world’s major financial centres, offering a safe environment, broadening its bi-lateral immigration treaties and maintaining one of the top ranked passport in the world, ensures that it’s colourful history will continue to be written.  1. Malta’s Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) The…
MamoTCV Advocates
24th June 2016