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The President, by and with the advice and consent of the House of Representatives, has enacted Act No. XLVII of 2020 to amend the Second Schedule to the Civil Code, Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta (the “Second Schedule”), and the Companies Act, Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta, and to provide for related and ancillary provisions.

The function of the Registrar for Legal Persons has now been assumed by the Registrar for Companies of the Malta Business Registry. The Registrar for Legal Persons previously fell under the purview of the Public Registry within Identity Malta. Any reference to the Registrar for Legal Persons in the Second Schedule or its subsidiary legislation shall for all intents and purposes of law be deemed to mean “The Registrar of Companies” as defined in the Companies Act.

The responsible minister under the Second Schedule is no longer the Minister responsible for Justice but is now the Minister responsible for the registration of limited liability companies and commercial partnerships.

One of the new functions of the Registrar for Companies under the Companies Act is to exercise the functions of Registrar for other legal persons as listed and specified in the Second Schedule of the Civil Code and in the subsidiary legislation made as authorised by the said Second Schedule.


This document does not purport to give legal, financial or tax advice. Should you require further information or legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dorita Cardona and Dr. Joshua Chircop