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In August 2018, the Government of Malta launched a public consultation procedure regarding proposed amendments to the Competition Act (Cap 379 of the laws of Malta), the Consumer Affairs Act (Cap 378 of the laws of Malta), and other related legislation. A draft bill had also been published (you can read about this here.

The proposed changes were a reaction to the principles that emerged from the Constitutional Court judgement in Federation of Estate Agents v Direttur Generali (Kompetizzjoni) et of the 3 May 2016 (you can read our article on the judgment here.

Following the public consultation process, and the Constitutional Court judgment in Thake et vs Electoral Commission of 8 October 2018 (you can read our article on the judgment here ), the Government published a Bill on 26 March 2019 which will effect changes to the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure (Cap. 12 of the laws of Malta), the Competition Act and the Consumer Affairs Act as well as other related legislation. This Bill is intended to ensure compliance with both Constitutional Court judgments. 

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