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As part of its COVID-19 contingency and business continuity panning, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has published a circular announcing that, with immediate effect and until otherwise communicated, all documentation submitted to the MFSA should be sent electronically. In this respect, the MFSA has informed all authorized persons and entities, applicants and prospective applicants that any authorization and supervisory correspondence should be submitted to the MFSA by means of an email or through the relevant MFSA online portals.

Nevertheless, the MFSA reserves the right to request the documents in physical format by means of a courier.

Payment for applications, authorisations and ongoing licence fees are to be submitted to the MFSA by means of a bank transfer using the details provided in the circular.

Original signed documents, certified true copies and any other documentation that is ordinarily submitted to the Authority in physical format shall be submitted in scanned format. When communicated by the MFSA, such documents shall retrospectively at a future date be submitted in physical format.

The MFSA will be submitting all documentation including, but not limited to, documents related to authorisations, supervision and enforcement in electronic format. Original signed documents will be dispatched at a future date.

The full circular may be accessed through the following link:


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