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As part of the European Mental Health Week, in its efforts to increase mental health awareness amongst all members of staff, Mamo TCV Advocates invited Richmond Foundation to deliver a talk on this important topic during an event held on Monday 9th May 2022. Richmond Foundation was represented by Matthew Paris who gave an excellent and engaging presentation at The Casino Maltese. The presentation provided practical examples on how mental health and mental illness manifest themselves; how to prevent and overcome stress; how self-care allows us to benefit from good mental health; and simple daily practices conducive to a life of good mental wellbeing. He also explained how one may seek help, particularly through support services offered by Richmond Foundation, on any mental health-related issues.

Richmond Foundation supports not only people experiencing mental health problems but also those around them, throughout various aspects of life. Apart from offering therapeutic care, they help equip them with the skills to live and work independently. They provide tailored support services ranging from support groups and assisted living solutions, to educational programmes and counselling services. More information about their services can be found on and they may be contacted on +356 2122 4580 or on their Helpline 1770.