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OKEX Technology Company Limited, commonly referred to as “OKEx”, a crypto currency exchange with its main operations and head offices situated in Hong Kong, has announced that it will be expanding its operations to Malta. OKEx operates an online digital asset trading exchange platform which facilitates the deposit and withdrawal of digital assets by customers. OKEx also enables customers to engage in trading activities for spot trading and future contracts trading in cryptocurrencies.

Malta has witnessed a wave of interest internationally in the cryptocurrency and DLT industry, as evidenced by the relocation of Binance and OKEx to Malta, which further strengthens Malta’s ambition to establish itself as a Blockchain island. Hon. Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation has further anticipated that Malta will be welcoming further Blockchain companies which will be relocating to Malta in the coming weeks.

The expansion of this new industry is a direct response to Malta’s proactive and ambitious attitude towards the Blockchain industry coupled with Malta’s proposed adoption of a legal framework in the DLT industry which will provide legal certainty, market stability and consumer protection.

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