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Further Changes to Identity Malta and Expatriates

In view of the constant developments which are taking place due to COVID-19, many measures have been taken both on a national and global scale to help prevent the spread of the novel corona virus. Identity Malta have also taken the necessary measures in the interest of public health and to help minimize the spread.

Non-EU Nationals

One of the main measures taken by Identity Malta is that it has completely stopped all work permit applications until further notice. However, certain exceptions to this rule are applicable.

Work permit applications may be split up into two: standard applications and the Key Employee Initiative (“KEI”) applications. While Identity Malta has put a stop to the standard work permit applications, the KEI applications are still being accepted. An individual qualifies for the KEI application upon meeting the following criteria:

– Salary of at least €30,000 annually;

– Position is to be managerial or highly technical;

– At least three years’ work experience, relevant qualifications, or warrants; and

– Possessing a declaration by the current employer stating the applicant has the necessary credentials

Identity Malta are also accepting applications for employees working in the health sector, and those working in social care for the elderly and disabled.

Family members of resident third-country nationals and applicants for Temporary Residence Permits may submit a new or renewal application request which will be considered on a case by case basis.

EU Nationals

EU nationals, together with their family members, who have been in Malta beyond the allowed period of 90 days and who have not registered their residence, or whose residence documents have expired, are required to inform the authorities about their current situation.

This article was written by Dr. Julian Fenech Adami & Dr. Christian Tonna


This document does not purport to give legal, financial or tax advice. Should you require further information or legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Julian Fenech Adami & Dr. Christian Tonna