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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Getting the Deal Through: Dispute Resolution 2017

Mamo TCV has contributed the Malta chapter to the 2017 online issue of "Dispute Resolution", a yearly comparative law guide published by Getting the Deal Through. Getting the Deal Through was the first legal publication series to present the concept of a "question and answer format". This is a convenient way for law firms, universities, regulators, and corporate counsel at to have at their fingertips a reliable introduction to various subject matters, as regulated in different jurisdictions. The series now covers over 890 practice areas with analysis on more than 150 jurisdictions. The firm's contribution confirms Mamo TCV's leading position in…
Joseph Camilleri
27th September 2017
Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Invoking an arbitration clause in a contract subject to Maltese law

The Maltese Arbitration Act was meant inter alia to confirm in general the supremacy of the will of the parties to a contract containing an arbitration clause, to choose arbitration to the exclusion of ordinary courts. In view of recent developments in case-law interpreting and applying a provision in the same Arbitration Act, the ordinary courts seem to be fighting back to retain more than the residual authority which the courts traditionally retained for themselves when the contracting parties would have agreed on an arbitration clause. DisclaimerThis document does not purport to give legal, financial or tax advice. Should you…
Stephen Muscat
18th May 2017