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Maltese Privatisation Unit Issues Request for Proposals for a Concession to Open and Operate a Casino in Malta

The Malta Privatisation Unit issued a Request for Proposals on the 17th February 2021 pursuant to which it announced that it will be accepting bids from interested parties seeking to operate a land-based casino from one of Malta's designated tourist zones. The concession will be subject to a fee of €11,000,000 over three (3) years and the concessionaire (which would also be responsible to apply for, and obtain, a Casino Licence from the Malta Gaming Authority) will be required to operate a minimum of 225 gaming devices and 15 gaming tables.Under the applicable laws, the Malta Gaming Authority will only…
Andrea Theuma
19th February 2021
Gaming & Betting

Malta Gaming Authority Announces Major Overhaul Of Maltese Gaming Law

This article was written by Dr. Michael Psaila and Dr. Andrea Theuma.The Malta Gaming Authority ('MGA') has just published a new consultation paper proposing major reforms to Malta's current gaming legal framework. The proposed overhaul aims to repeal all the existing gaming legislation currently in force by replacing the latter with a singular primary Act of Parliament entitled the Gaming Act, which will empower the competent Minister to publish regulations and grant powers to the MGA to publish directives and issue rulings as well as guidelines and policies, thereby ensuring timely and flexible interventions, especially in relation to technical specifications…
Michael Psaila
17th July 2017