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This article was written by Mamo TCV’s Immigration Department.

1. Further changes to the Malta Identity Bureau and foreigners

In view of COVID-19, many measures have been taken at national and global level to help ease the effects of the pandemic. Identity Malta has also taken its own measures to promote public health and help minimize transmission.

Non-EU citizens

Identity Malta has almost completely suspended work permit applications until further notice, apart from a few exceptions.

New work permit applications may be primarily divided into two categories: standard applications and key employee initiative (“KEI“) applications.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for KEI:

i. Annual salary of at least 30,000 Euros;

ii. The position requirement is a manager or a highly skilled person;

iii. More than three years of work experience, relevant qualifications or certificates;

iv. Have a statement from the current employer that the applicant has the necessary qualifications

Identity Malta is also accepting applications from employees working in the health sector and employees working in the social care sector for the elderly and disabled.

Family members and temporary residence applicants residing with third country nationals may also submit new or renewal applications, with these being considered on a case-by-case basis.

EU citizens

EU citizens and their family members who may have stayed in Malta for more than 90 days and have not registered their domicile, or whose residence permit has expired, must notify the authorities of their current situation.

MRVA policy changes

According to MRVA Circular No. 31, MRVA is going to change its operational processes.

MRVA now has two boxes at the reception, one marked as ‘Additional Documents’ and other as the ‘Original File’, with Approved Agents now being required to drop off any application documents in these boxes. All documents should clearly indicate the authorized agent number and the date of submission.

After MRVA receives the documents, the Approved Agent will receive a receipt or report related to the submitted documents via email.

MRVA replaces new office address

According to MRVA Circular No. 32 MRVA has now moved into their new offices having the new address:

Malta Residency Visa Agency, Zentrum Business Centre, Mdina Road, Qormi QRM 9010, Malta.

The phone number of MRVA remains unchanged, but the email address has been moved to the government domain “@”. MRVA’s old email address will remain active and any emails sent on the old email address will be automatically forwarded to the new email address. The email address for MRVA’s customer service is now

From Wednesday, May 6th, the MRVA’s domain name will also be changed to

Mamo TCV Advocates has a dedicated immigration department with two senior lawyers being officially licensed to act as Approved Agents. Having an experienced team which provides clients with advice on Maltese immigration matters, the firm has attained residence status through all the available immigration programmes. Through its associated entity, it is authorized to prepare and submit applications for the Global Residency Program (GRP), the Malta Permanent Residence Visa Program (MRVP) and the Malta Passport Investment Program (MIIP), along with any immigration program or status Malta has to offer.


This document does not purport to give legal, financial or tax advice. Should you require further information or legal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Christian Tonna