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The 2016 Amendments to the Code of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 entered into force on 8 January 2019. These amendments introduced specific provisions to provide further protection to seafarers against shipboard harassment and bullying, and to allow for an extension of the validity of full term Maritime Labour Certificates.

Guideline B4.3.1 concerning the provisions on occupational accidents, injuries and diseases has been amended so as to include harassment and bullying. Additionally, a reference is provided to the latest Guidance on eliminating shipboard harassment and bullying, jointly published by the International Chamber of Shipping and the International Transport Workers Federation. 

A copy of the publication can be accessed on

Shipowners will now have to take these new amendments into account when developing onboard measures addressing harassment and bullying to ensure compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention.

The text of the 2016 Amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, adopted by the Special Tripartite Committee of the International Labour Organisation, may be downloaded from:–en/index.htm

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