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Internship Opportunities for University Students

Internship Opportunities for University Students

Position Overview

Mamo TCV is always on the lookout for dedicated students to join its ranks. Over the years, the firm has provided a number of students with the chance to gain practical experience within its departments, with a selected number progressing in their career and taking on a full-time position with the firm.

We are seeking to recruit university students for an internship programme at the firm, across all its areas of practice.

The programme is designed to give students practical, hands-on experience by working within a leading law firm, thus helping them to prepare for their future careers in their chosen area of specialisation.

Interested candidates are encouraged to indicate their preferred areas of practice by selecting at least three departments of interest. The chosen applicants will be involved in projects that will expose them to the chosen area of practice in a working environment, drawing on the technical and professional support and guidance of the partners and associates within the respective departments.

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