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Senior Associate

Timothy Spiteri

Timothy Spiteri

Timothy Spiteri is a Senior Associate at Mamo TCV Advocates.  He graduated from the University of Malta with a Doctor of Laws degree in 2016, whereupon he spent one year working at the European Parliament, first as a Schuman Trainee, and later within the cabinet of a Member of the European Parliament.

Timothy joined the firm in 2022, after over four years practicing in the civil and commercial law fields, with a primary focus on intellectual property and European Union law. He has represented clients before both the superior and inferior courts, as well as specialised boards and tribunals.

In 2020, he was engaged by an autonomous public entity in order to draft a legislative proposal aimed at transposing Directive (EU) 2019/790 into Maltese law.

Timothy’s main areas of practice include intellectual property, technology, media, and telecommunications law.

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  • Bachelor of Laws (2013, University of Malta)
  • Doctor of Laws (2016, University of Malta)


  • Admitted to the Maltese Bar, Superior Courts of Malta (2018)

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