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Group MLRO

Rochelle Bonello

Rochelle Bonello

Rochelle Bonello is Group MLRO  for Mamo TCV Advocates and TCV Management and Trust Services Limited. She is a compliance specialist with over 7 years of experience working in the areas of prevention of money laundering, counterfeit terrorism financing, fraud, anti-bribery and corruption as well as sanctions. Rochelle Bonello previously served as a Benefit Fraud Inspector with the Ministry for Social Justice and Solidarity, the Family and Children’s Rights, Anti-Money Laundering Analyst at one of Malta’s largest banking institutions and an AML Team Supervisor with an international institution specializing in custody and fund trading. She has also significant experience in heading Remediation projects as well as transaction monitoring.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Criminology (2012, University of Malta)
  • Degree Plus in English for Professional Purposes (LDDP) (2009, University of Malta)
  • Degree Plus in Entrepreneurship (2010, University of Malta)
  • Award in Prevention of Anti-Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism (2019, NCFHE)
  • Award in Management and Leadership (2020, NCFHE)

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