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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Amendments to Housing (Decontrol) Ordinance (Chapter 158 of the Laws of Malta)

Amendments to Chapter 158 were introduced by Act No. XXVII of 2018. The amendments affect the leases created by virtue of a previous title of emphyteusis or sub-emphyteusis which commenced before the 1st June 1995 through the application of article 5, 12, or 12A of Chapter 158.The constitutionality of the provisions of Chapter 158 has been challenged repeatedly in front of the Maltese Courts and in front of the European Court in Strasbourg. Since the case of Amato Gauci v. Malta, (App no 47045/06 ), the majority of the cases brought by owners arguing a breach of their rights to…
Michael E. Camilleri
10th August 2018