Bullying at Work

This week (the week from Monday 16 th November 2020 until the 20 th November 2020) is anti-bullying week – a week meant to raise awareness against prejudice and bullying not only in schools but also at the workplace and cyber-bullying. Maltese employment law does not deal directly with bullying but with harassment, and this in connection with discriminatory treatment or with sexual harassment. Does this mean that unless there is discrimination involved, the employer is not bound to protect employees from bullying at work? The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration...
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Mamo TCV Advocates Joins WSG as the Exclusive Member Law-Firm for Malta

Mamo TCV Advocates is pleased to announce that it has recently become the exclusive member law-firm for Malta of the World Services Group network (WSG). WSG is the leading global network comprised of elite top-ranked global practice firms. With over 120 member firms in 150 jurisdictions and 23,000 individual members, the network provides a proprietary platform for members to create relationships, expertise and new business opportunities to better serve their practice and clients. Through innovation, cutting-edge technology and best in class service, WSG continues ...
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Tenants’ Rights Safeguarded by Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court, Gerald Camilleri et vs Advocate General et, 6 th October 2020 The Maltese courts of Constitutional Jurisdiction were tasked with deciding a claim of violation of fundamental human rights as filed by the applicants, who had purchased a property in Sliema - in respect of which the provisions of the Housing (Decontrol) Ordinance, Chapter 158 of the Laws of Malta are applicable - and which the applicants knew was tenanted by third parties under a title of lease resulting from a previous title of emphyteusis. Notwithstanding the fact that the appl...
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Court Judgment on Status of Employee

In a judgment delivered on the 30 th September 2020, the Court of Appeal confirmed a decision of the Industrial Tribunal ("the Tribunal") which had found that the relationship between the applicant and the defendant company was not one of employment. The applicant had instituted proceedings before the Industrial Tribunal following the termination of his contract. He alleged that notwithstanding what his contract stated, he should be deemed an employee and therefore termination could only take place for a good and sufficient cause. Since the company had terminated ...
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Malta Travel – Covid-19 - Amber list update

As from midnight of Friday 11th September 2020, a ll Paris Airports and Marseille Airport will be included on the Amber List. Therefore, as from the above-mentioned date, Malta's Amber List will include the following countries: ​ Czech Republic, France (all Paris Airports and Marseille Airport), Romania, Spain (Barcelona, Girona and Madrid), Tunisia. Before boarding flights to Malta, any passenger departing from the above-mentioned countries/airports shall be required to submit a negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, which must have been carried ...
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