Proposed Amendments to Companies Act may require Amendments to all current Memorandums and Articles of Associations

Bill No. 233 of 2021 proposes a number of amendments to the Companies Act, Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta. These amendments relate to the qualifications required for a person to be a director of a company, the registration of electronic addresses and the obligation of every company to have a register of officers' and shareholders' residential addresses. One of these amendments falls under Article 69 of Chapter 386, which reflects the contents which are to be established within the memorandum of association of a company. Currently, Article 69(1)(d) of the Compani...
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MFSA Reminder: Existing CSPs to Comply with new Rules by September

This article was written by Dr Simon Pullicino , Dr Petra Attard , and Dr Laura Spiteri The Malta Financial Services Authority (' MFSA ') has issued a circular directed at authorised company service providers (' CSPs ') that were registered to provide CSP services prior to the entry into force of the new CSP rules . CSPs that offered CSP services on the date of entry of the new rules – 16 March 2021 – could only continue to offer such services if they applied for authorisation with the MFSA by the 16 May 2021. This application for authorisation resulted in the MFS...
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The Malta Nomad Residence Permit

Residency Malta Agency, the local Government entity responsible for the management and promotion of Malta's residency-by-investment programmes, has launched a new residence permit, the Nomad Residence Permit. This initiative offers third-country nationals the opportunity to work remotely and reside in Malta for a temporary period. The holder of a Nomad Residence Permit shall retain their current employment in another country whilst residing in Malta. The residence permit is issued for one year and can be renewed upon the discretion of the authority if the holder o...
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30th June Deadline Nearing for Britons to Secure Residency Status in Malta

30 th June 2021 Deadline Nearing for Britons to Secure Residency Status in Malta Thousands of British nationals living across the European Union only have a few weeks left to regularize their residency status in their country of residence, including Malta. Since Brexit, fourteen countries, including Portugal, Spain, and Italy, have automatically granted post-Brexit rights to British nationals residing in their country lawfully. However, in several other countries, including Malta, British nationals have had to apply for the residency status as their right to resid...
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Navigating the new regulatory landscape for Company Service Providers – Part 2

This article was written by  Dr. Simon Pullicino  & Dr. Laura Spiteri In this second instalment of our series 'Navigating the new regulatory landscape for Company Service Providers', we take a closer look at the application process for CSPs seeking regulatory authorisation, the appointment of key office holders and applicable exemptions to the new regime. Part 1 of this series can be accessed here . The Application Process Any person operating in or from Malta who acts, or holds himself out as acting as a CSP by way of its business is required t...
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