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Senior Regulatory Advisor

Martha Chetcuti

Martha Chetcuti

Martha Chetcuti is a Senior Regulatory Advisor within the Investment Services department of Mamo TCV Advocates. She started her career in investment analysis and technical research in wealth management. Prior to joining the firm, Martha was a deputy head at the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). At the MFSA, Martha was involved in the regulation and supervision of funds and related service providers, the development of a framework to regulate virtual assets, and other FinTech and innovation related policy initiatives.

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  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Banking and Finance (2012, University of Malta)
  • Master of Arts in Financial Services (2017, University of Malta)

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we share our insights on when the investment discretion shifts from humans to AI by analysing whether a legal definition of artificial intelligence has been determined.
Investment Services & Funds

AI & Funds #1 – investment discretion

When one instructs a painter to draw a portrait (no matter how detailed the instructions may be) the painter will always have discretion in executing the final product. Likewise, in investment funds, the investment manager is instructed to invest according to various rules and timeframes which are detailed in the investment strategy as approved by the competent financial regulator, but there will still remain investment discretion on how the investment strategy is executed. This discretion is normally based on a number of statistically orientated formulas which analyses quantitative and qualitative data. Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is being increasingly used in these…
In this series of weekly briefings, insights will be shared on the impact that artificial intelligence is making on the asset management industry and investment services in general.
Investment Services & Funds

AI & Funds – insight briefings

The impact that Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is making on investment services has been the subject of a recent publication, dated 1st February 2023, which was issued by the European Securities and Markets Authority (“ESMA”). The publication, entitled “Artificial intelligence in EU securities markets”, provides data on the methods that stakeholders are implementing to incorporate powerful digital tools in their regulated financial products. ESMA’s publication makes reference to the inherent notion that AI is an “umbrella” term which incorporates machine-learning as well as other forms of Big Data solutions. In fact, ESMA notes that in the funds industry certain managers use…
Banking & Finance

Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update | Q4 2022

We are pleased to issue our third edition of the Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Updates. These updates are intended to keep Maltese regulated entities informed of regulatory changes and developments taking place in the local financial services space. In this issue, we focus on the sector specific and cross-sectoral regulatory updates relating to Investment Services and Asset Management; Credit and Financial Institutions; Company Service Providers and Insurance Undertakings and Insurance Intermediaries. Our Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update can be found here. Our third Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update can be found hereThe Regulatory Compliance Quarterly Update does not purport to give legal, regulatory,financial…
MFSA issues a Consultation Document on the Proposed Notified PIF Framework
Investment Services & Funds
MFSA issues a Consultation Document on the Proposed Notified PIF Framework
Documents still need to be submitted to the MFSA, but digital signatures can replace wet-ink signatures.
Investment Services & Funds
MFSA Issues Circular on Qualified Electronic Signatures
The MFSA issued a Circular to inform licence holders of the minor amendment made to the Annual Fund Return.
Investment Services & Funds
Amendment to the Annual Fund Return