Procurement and State Aid

Authorities and bidders encounter a host of regulations governing the conduct of procurement and the performance of contracts. Public procurement is governed by EU law and both procurers and suppliers need to be guided through these regulations. State-aid is also an area that has received a lot of attention lately.

If you’re looking for advice on procurement or state-aid, speak to us.

Mamo TCV is a leading legal firm in the areas of public procurement and state aid.  We have been involved in the drafting and review of tender documents and have advised government entities in the conduct of award procedures for several public contracts and concessions, including a public-private partnership. We have also assisted clients in their tender preparation and formation of joint ventures and consortia. Our firm is also a contributor to the journal ‘International Public Procurement.’

Scope of Services

Here’s what we can do for you:

Drafting and reviewing of tender documents

Advising clients on the conduct of award procedures

Advising clients on tender specification and submission

Advising clients on state aid issues stemming from the disposal of government-owned assets or privatisation

Advising clients on the outcomes of unlawful state aid and aiding recovery proceedings

Advising the recipients of alleged state aid in court cases

Key Contacts